Build binaries

Building binaries #

  • Note: The build process doesn’t really work on Windows, and I doubt there’s a need for first class support. Your best bet is to build in WSL with either method below and the GOOS=windows environment variable set.

To build, you need to compile the typescript and go, and generate email templates and config files. The build scripts were mostly ripped out of jf-accounts, so you’ll need similar dependencies:

    python >= 3.6
    go >= 1.20
    node.js and npm (for tsc/esbuild, tailwind/a17t, mjml, remixicon, markdown parser & uncss)
    libayatana-appindicator or equivalent (if building with tray icon on linux)
    gcc-mingw-w64-x86-64 or equivalent (if cross-compiling for windows on linux/macOS)
    upx (to compress the executable)

The main dependencies of the program will be automatically downloaded on compilation and can be seen in go.mod.

Makefile #

$ git clone
$ cd jfa-go
$ make all # [DEBUG=on] [INTERNAL=off] [UPDATER=on/docker] [TRAY=on] [GOESBUILD=on] [RACE=on] [...]
$ ls build/

A Makefile is provided, which requires the make command. Simply clone the repository and run make all to grab all necessary dependencies for go/python/node, compile everything and place the executable and app data inside build/. You can optionally compress the executable by running make compress after.

  • If you get an error from npm regarding esbuild, this is because a precompiled binary for your system’s architecture isn’t available on npm. run make all GOESBUILD=on instead to have it compiled instead.

  • You can optionally provide the path/name of the go executable manually with make all GOBINARY=<path to go>.

  • More build-time variables exist, which are explained on the contributing page.

Goreleaser #

goreleaser is used to publish the packages seen in the release section. The scripts/ wrapper generates the version and provides it to goreleaser with an environment variable.

The executables will be placed in dist/.

  • To generate executables for multiple platforms:
$ ./scripts/ goreleaser build --snapshot --clean
  • To generate package archives that include LICENSE and
$ ./scripts/ goreleaser --snapshot --skip-publish --clean