• CAPTCHAs can be required on sign-up to verify the human-ness of a potential user.
  • An integrated CAPTCHA service is available, however it can be unreliable, and often rejects correct answers.
  • Google’s reCAPTCHA is available as an option, but requires a little setup.

reCAPTCHA Setup #

  • First, ensure your site is accessible from an external domain, as Google will need this.
  1. Visit Register a new site. Fill in the label, add your domain(s) (just the domain, no subpath, protocol or port), and Choose the “Challenge (v2) / I’m not a robot Checkbox” reCAPTCHA type.


  1. Click submit. On the next page, copy both the Site Key and Secret Key and keep them for later.


  1. Go to jfa-go Settings > Captcha, and enable reCAPTCHA. Paste in the site key and secret key from above, and fill in the hostname to match the one you gave Google.


  1. Save & restart jfa-go, and you should be good to go.